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Shandong iPRE Inspection Technology Co.,Ltd

Shandong iPRE Inspection Technology Co.,Ltd is a set of Detection equipment research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises。

The company specializes in non-destructive testing equipment development and production, has a rational structure, vibrant research and development team, and the establishment of intelligent Detection and predictive maintenance research and development center in Beijing. The main production and operation of portable equipment, physical and chemical equipment, measuring instruments, non-destructive testing equipment nearly 100 kinds of products。

Shandong IPRE Technology Co. conference

Shandong IPRE Technology Co. conference

 October 25, Shandong science sharp Detection Technology Co., Ltd. opened Ceremony held new product l

Germany Stuttgart Industry Exhibition

Germany Stuttgart Industry Exhibition

 Sharp in science will participate in the 25th exhibition of quality control in Stuttgart, Germany, t



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In the financial sector science sharp style
In the financial sector science sharp style

While we still shuttling data between thousands ...While we still stay in office bookkeeping compiling ....But we have been exploring,Explore the financial perspective to facilitate decision-making on the road .....Explore the impact of the business sector value-oriented approach .....at this time&n

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Eddy current testing of copper and copper alloy tube, according to the probe used in the form of classification, throug
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Eddy current testing as one of the five conventional nondestructive testing methods, in the steel industry is widely use
On the non-destructive testing industry
Chinese NDT Society, founded in 1978, under the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, is a non-destructive testing pro
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Magnetic particle testing is the basis of magnetic interactions and magnetic leakage field defect, that is magnetized fe
Microwave Nondestructive Testing
1. Ultrasonic Phased Array TechnologyMicrowave Nondestructive Testing Ultrasonic testing is the most widely used non-des
Non-destructive testing equipment testing program
Ultrasonic nondestructive testing and radiographic NDT NDT is an important non-destructive testing methods, and many non